Collaborating with a favorite artist in a festival or concert is great, but nothing beats an intimate experience. You can imagine how excited I was to hear the new opening of the PUMA Select shop in Miami’s Design District would include an over-the-top Big Sean appearance.

The shop featured Big Sean’s latest capsule collection and a chance for select shoppers to grab some of it before it launches on September 15th. I myself got to take home the iconic satin variety bomber PUMA jacket in the exclusive collection’s darker, monochromatic color palette… (Thanks for that PUMA!)

I provided all the Big Sean jams as guests eagerly waited in the custom built outdoor lounge just outside the new shop. When I dropped “Bounce Back” Big Sean drove right onto the event’s black carpet in an all-black Dodge Challenger, because how else would you arrive, right??

WHAT A YEAR, WHAT A YEAR… Thanks to Triton Productions for the plug & of course PUMA for the fresh fit.

– Photos courtesy of Triton Productions & PUMA –