You can’t imagine the time & thought spent in creating the perfect playlist for a 10 minute runway show unless you’ve experienced the process. I personally enjoy this part of DJing even more than performing parties, so when Puma asked if I could help curate and play live at two of their Miami-based fashion shows, I undoubtedly said Yes.

The shows featured all new apparel & footwear collections and concepts for Fall 2018 (and of course I had an exclusive sneak peek… perks!). Back to the music, of course we incorporated music from some of Puma’s ambassadors & influencers like Big Sean & The Weeknd, but we also played with some new tracks from Kendrick Lamar, Big Boi and indie tracks from Calvin Harris & Sylvan Esso. Show is really an understatement, this was a full large-scale production which included chroregraphed dancers throughout the runway and projection mapping completely synced to the collections and music so timing was absolutely key. Truly thankful for the opportunity to work with two great collaborators, both Puma & The Temple House, on this project.

Pictures courtesy of The Temple House